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Tracey Mallett Shares Go-To Ab Move

If you’ve tried a bootybarre® class, there’s no doubt you’ve fallen in love with the high-energy workout. If not for the fun, then at least for the fabulous results (hello #bootygoals). And if you’re on the bootybarre bandwagon, then you’ll love its new sister program bbarreless®, created by internationally renowned celebrity fitness instructor Tracey Mallett. Designed to target and isolate deep core muscles, bbarreless® takes you away from the comfort of the barre and puts your body to the ultimate challenge, using resistance bands, balls and light weights for a full-bodied workout. We chat to Tracey to find out everything you need to know about bbarreless®…

5 Minutes With Tracey Mallett

What was the catalyst that prompted you to launch bbarreless®?

Barre has become so popular but many clubs have not been able to implement the benefits of this great program as they have no barres and/or are unable to add them.

What are the benefits of removing the barre from the workout?

Learning to control the body without relying on the barre to support yourself and more surface space to move the body three dimensionally.

What impact do you think it will have on the industry?

I believe people have a misconception of what barre is. There are so many classes named “barre” but have no actual barre in the class. In my opinion this is misleading, if you’re taking the time to go to an actual barre class like bootybarre then you should be using a barre. bbarreless® is what the titles says a class based on barre fusion work without a barre. My programs are heavily based on Pilates, with fluid movement and cardio intervals.

What are some of its biggest benefits?

Active flexibility, core strength and total body toning.

Why do you think barre classes are so popular?

It’s hard to generalise as every barre class is different but I can speak to why bootybarre has been so popular. People like to feel the burn, it feels elegant, super fun and combines cardio with active flexibility.

What’s your favorite move from bbareless and why?

Standing Side oblique, it’s so great to work your abs standing – especially the obliques to slim the waist.

Who should attend a bbarreless® class?

Everyone, it’s for all ages. A high-energy class, to tone the total body and burn calories.

Swap Friday night drinks for a sweat-inducing session at the barre – bbarreless® is the latest fitness trend sweeping the globe and it’s available at a Goodlife Health Club near you. The best part? As a member you have access to unlimited bootybarre® classes all included in your membership. bbbarreless® is now available at selected Goodlife Health Clubs in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia – find out if your local club is on the list!


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