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25 Health and Wellbeing Tips

December is well under way and that means it’s advent calendar time! Many of us have fond memories of growing up and the excitement of getting an advent calendar to countdown the days until Christmas. Give yourself the gift of wellness this year and unwrap our 25 nutrition, fitness and health tips to help you celebrate the festive season.

TIP 1: Treat Christmas shopping as a way to get some extra exercise in. Go prepared – wear your activewear and runners and get those steps up!

TIP 2: Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water, especially in the heat. Carry a water bottle with you and drink a glass of water with every meal.

TIP 3: Try a new fruit or vegetable you’ve never had before. Supermarkets and independent grocers will have different types of fresh food in season. Check what’s on offer and choose something appealing to you.

TIP 4: Talk a walking tour of the Christmas lights in your local area. Grab some family and friends together to make it even more fun.

TIP 5: Attending back-to-back Christmas events? Try eating with a smaller sized plate and when in doubt, eat fruit for dessert.

TIP 6: Increase your incidental activity by taking the stairs and parking your car further away.

TIP 7: Buy a new cookbook for inspiration. It’s also a great gift idea for a friend who loves to cook.

TIP 8: Plan ahead and buy a meal planning kit. It will help you stick to a budget, waste less food and encourage healthy meals.

TIP 9: Book a time in your busy calendar to be active. Try a fun fitness activity with a friend like a group fitness class you've both never done before. You never know, you could fall in love with bootybarre or reformer Pilates! 

TIP 10: Make time for yourself. Christmas is a stressful time and it’s important to look after yourself. Take some time out of your day to sit and be still while practising mindfulness.

TIP 11: Gift idea! Homemade healthy granola for your health-conscious friends.

TIP 13: Make your own lunch. You’ll save money, be less tempted to choose high kilojoule foods and you’ll know exactly what’s gone into your meal

TIP 14: If you’re worried about excess kilojoules coming from alcoholic beverages, offer to be the designated driver. It’ll be both a gift to others, and a gift to yourself.

TIP 15: Buy yourself a present, you deserve it! Look for something health and fitness related like a Fitbit, new runners or new activewear to get you inspired.

TIP 16: Have lunch in the park today. Removing yourself from your work environment can relieve stress and help you focus.

TIP 17: Gift idea! Make your own herb-infused olive oil and vinegar.

TIP 18: Make good use of your time off and get the whole family involved in cooking healthy meals. It’ll save you time in the kitchen and provide a family bonding experience.

TIP 19: When eating out, café and restaurant meals are often large and high in kilojoules. Try sharing a meal with like-minded friends and family; it’s fun and you’ll eat less.

TIP 20: Take a nature walk. This will help get some planned exercise in while helping with stress and keeping you grounded.

TIP 21: Try making a festive salad. Include toasted nuts and pomegranates for some colour and crunch. Not only will it look good but it’s full of antioxidants!

TIP 22: Catching up with friends over coffee and cake? Go for a walk in the park, go rock climbing or even cook some healthy meals together instead.

TIP 23: Forgive yourself. Have you had some situations where you’ve overindulged? It’s okay, don’t be hard on yourself. Move on and accept that it’s a part of life and not something to dwell on.

TIP 24: Take the focus away from food and instead focus on time together with friends and family. That’s what the festive season is really all about.

TIP 25: Rest and reflect on how you've nourished your mind and body. Will you maintain a daily act of wellness into the new year?


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