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Join a team of longstanding Personal Trainers with proven success that deliver the highest standard of support to our members. Manage your own client-base with expert guidance from a team that is dedicated to your career. 

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Why should I become a personal trainer with Goodlife?

With industry-leading support like Sales and Service training and our Level Up program, Goodlife trainers get some of the best training and perks in the business. You’ll also get to work with a personal training manager who will mentor you and give you advice to help you run your business smoothly.   

How to get started?

If you are already a qualified PT, complete the form above and we’ll reach out. 

If you are not yet qualified, visit here for more information on how to start your journey to becoming a personal trainer.  

What support can I expect as a Goodlife PT?

We have your back from day one.  

With comprehensive onboarding, ongoing mentoring and practical development, and a proven client-building system to connect with new prospects, we give you the support so you can show us what you're capable of. 

You will also have access to our business education package plus career pathways to some of the best education partners available. 

Personal training rent

You set your own fees as a PT and only pay a fixed rent to the club.  

We offer new trainers an introductory rent-free period, followed by a reduced-rent period to help you get your business started. You’ll also get up to four weeks of rent-free holidays per year, depending on how long you have been with us. 

What avenues of PT promotion are included?

We have plenty of tools to help you market yourself and grow your business.  

Trainers can use the Goodlife website to communicate with members directly and show off any social media presence to give potential customers more insight into your service. 

In the gym, you’ll be featured on our Personal Trainer Profile Boards where members can get your details and contact you directly. 


We’ve got you covered with expert training and experience you need to become a qualified trainer and join the good life.