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We might be out of sight, but our members are definitely not out of mind! Introducing Goodlife at home - our free online portal bursting with content including workouts, recipes, tips on maintaining a healthy mindset and more!

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Challenge Yourself

When it comes to conquering your health and fitness goals, we understand that there’s no one size fits all approach, and our 8 and 12 week challenges are proof. Our industry leading challenges have been designed to not only help you achieve results, but maintain them too! With two different categories to choose from - Transformation or Fitter Faster Stronger - no matter your age or current fitness level, we’ve got just the thing to help challenge and change you!

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8 Week Challenge

Smash your fitness goals with our 8 Week Challenge

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12 Week Challenge

Take your fitness to the next level with our 12 Week Challenge!

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John Mills
8 Week Challenge

"I did it for my family. To teach my kids that you can succeed in whatever you set out to achieve."

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Some of our clubs are reopening, in line with government guidelines.