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How To Create A Workout Routine That Sticks

How many times have you woken up on a Monday morning, bursting with more motivation than your favourite Pinterest account, ready to workout twice a day, every day, only to the have those intentions unstick like Teflon by Wednesday? Don’t worry, you’re not alone… we’ve ALL been there! For most of us, the struggle doesn’t come from initially creating the routine, it comes from actually maintaining it.

But because we’re committed to helping you achieve your great thing, we’re sharing our our top 4 tips that will help your workout routine stick.

1. Be realistic

While working out twice a day is achievable for some, if you’re fairly new to the training game or are returning after some time off, don’t run back at it like a bull at a gate. You’ll only increase your chance of injury and burn out! Instead, ease into it and set yourself a smaller goal that you can maintain in the long run. Committing and following through to 2-3 classes per week is better than smashing out 9 in one week and then taking a week off to recover. Consistency is key.

2. Diarise your workouts

You’d never cancel on your boss, right? So why should you treat your workouts any differently? Scheduling your workouts in your diary at the start of the week like you would your meetings is a surefire way to hold yourself accountable, and will help you manage your schedule efficiently, leaving you with little room for excuses.

3. Set your workout intention

Before you get started, ask yourself “why am I doing this?”. Is it to lose weight for an event? Is it to increase your cardiovascular fitness so you can run a half marathon? Is it to build your strength so you can do an unassisted chin up? Whatever it is, unearthing your ‘why’ or your reason for doing what you’re doing will hold you accountable to your goals. The thought of slipping into that new dress will help drag you out of bed when your alarm goes off at 5am, the thought of crossing the finish line will help you keep going on the treadmill when you feel like stopping and the thought of nailing that chin up will help you smash out an extra set of reps when you feel like your arms are about to give out!

4. Pack your bag the night before

No matter what time your alarm goes off in the morning, getting out of bed is hard, and before you’ve even had the chance to down your morning coffee, you’re pretty much running on autopilot. Packing your bag the night before is the easiest way to make sure you don’t forget something essential like a shoe, your shorts - or any other item that will give you a hall pass from your planned workout.


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