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Easter Survival Guide

When someone says “Easter”, you think “chocolate,” right?

Don’t worry – we get it. In fact, we’ll even give you our blessing to indulge a little over the Easter long weekend! However - a word of caution – it’s easy to get ‘swept up’ in the holiday spirit, and drop the ball completely when it comes to your health. In fact, if you use the time wisely, a four-day break can do wonders for your wellbeing, rather than derail your health journey.

How To Make Healthy Choices This Easter

To help you make smarter, healthier choices this year, we’ve developed a simple the following Easter survival guide. Use it well!

Survival Tip 1. Choose dark chocolate Easter treats

Dark chocolate has less sugar than milk chocolate, and a higher cocoa content. Cocoa is rich in antioxidants, including flavanoids - which have been linked with improved circulation, reduced blood pressure, and skin protection from the sun. Another bonus?  It’s much easier to stop at a small portion, because of its bitter taste!

Survival Tip 2. Don’t go overboard

Try not to get sucked into the Easter spirit early, and likewise, stay resistant in the face of sales after Easter Monday. Four days will turn into four weeks of chocolate if you're not careful.

Survival Tip 3. Choose smaller chocolate portions

If you struggle to leave a half-eaten Easter bunny in the cupboard, even if it is dark chocolate, best not to buy it in the first place. Opt for smaller portions of chocolate – mini eggs are a great choice.

Survival Tip 4. Plan your indulgences, so you don’t lose track

It’s easy to lose track of how many ‘just this one’ moments we accumulate over the day. That’s why we recommend you have a game plan. Set yourself a number, let’s say 4 mini eggs (which is 150 calories, or the same as a large banana), and stick to it!  

Survival Tip 5 Eat your treats mindfully

Eating mindfully encourages you to savour every bite, obtaining the maximum enjoyment you can, so that your cravings are well satisfied.

Survival Tip 6. Enjoy the great outdoors

If you’re too busy to enjoy the great outdoors during the working week, Easter is the perfect opportunity to soak in the sun, sand and grass whilst the good weather holds. A long walk along the beach, a bike ride along the Yarra, or a hike along one of one of our many bush trails will give you a dose of Vitamin D and endorphins, lifting your energy levels and mood, so you don’t need to reach for more chocolate. Not to mention, the exercise will help you burn off the Easter treats you’ve already consumed!

Survival Tip 7. Take time to relax

Not making the time to relax and de-stress can lead to more stress, anxiety, low mood and poor sleep quality. Rather than turn to comfort eating and Easter eggs, use your Easter break wisely and relax Don’t overcrowd your diry – instead, allow plenty of quiet time to recharge your batteries. Find activities that will bring you calmness and joy (besides  eating chocolate), and get busy doing those instead - it will do wonders for both your physical and mental health.


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