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Ultimate Ab Workout

Whoever said abs are made in the kitchen hasn’t done this pyramid ab workout! Holy burn batman! With summer well and truly on its way, we thought there was no better time to whip our midsections into shape… But it would be cruel for us to keep it to ourselves! 

This ultimate ab workout requires no equipment, so it can be done anytime, anywhere - no excuses! 

You’re welcome! 

Pyramid Ab Workout:

10 crunches (feet closer to your body makes it harder)

20 leg raises (don’t let the feet touch the floor in between)

30 second side plank (add pulses for a burn)

40 bicycles (20 each side)

50 russian twists (25 each side)

60 second plank 

50 ankle taps (25 each side)

40 scissors (legs criss cross over each other)

30 second side plank (let the other side burn)

20 windscreen wipers (legs together, side to side, slow & controlled)

10 butterfly sit ups (feet together hands reaching from over head to feet)

Repeat… if you’re game!



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