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Workout Tips For Busy Schedules

5 Ways To Workout With A Busy Schedule

In a 24 hour day, one hour of exercise is 4% of the day – and to squeeze a good workout in, you don’t even need one hour! Read on to learn five ways to fit your workouts into a busy schedule.

1. Turn your commute into a training session

Incidental exercise is any activity built up in small amounts throughout the day – like walking up stairs or walking to the bus stop instead of driving. A great way to fit your exercise into a busy day is to transform your work commute into a workout. Depending on how far you live from work, you could run or cycle the whole way or part of the way instead of driving or using public transport. If you’re not a runner, don’t have a bike or new to exercise, park a few kilometers from work or get off the bus or train a few stops early and walk the rest of the way.

2. Lengthen your day

Don't skip out on sleep in favour of a sweat session – there's plenty of big benefits to getting enough sleep – but there are simple steps you can take to adjust your sleep schedule and wake up earlier. Can't quite get yourself out of bed that early? Record your favourite evening TV shows instead of watching them and go to bed a little earlier and become a morning exerciser.

3. Exercise at lunchtime

If you find before or after work is just too hard to fit in a workout, consider using your lunch break wisely. Studies have found exercise can sharpen the brain by 5-10% in terms of cognitive function – workers who spent 30-60 minutes exercising at lunchtime saw an average performance boost of 15%. Be prepared – have your training gear under your desk ready to change into so there’s no excuses!

4. Break up your workout into smaller workouts

If your schedule is so hectic you can’t find time to exercise – split your workout into smaller ones. On your busiest days, plan ahead and carve out three 10 minute time slots throughout the day and plan three mini workouts to fit into that time. Not only will you fit your exercise in, but the break from your day will give your productivity and creativity levels a boost too.

Research shows when we exercise we release endorphins which introduce dopamine to the brain and reduce stress. During this more relaxed state of mind, we make better and more thoughtful connections and decisions.

5. Take the kids with you

Busy parent? Take your kids with you for a workout! Head down to the local park on your bikes or take a ball or a handful of toys with you if your children are younger and complete a workout while they’re playing in front of you. If you have very little ones, try a workout at home while they are playing or sleeping – if you don’t have much time a 20 minute HIIT session can work wonders.

Need some extra support? The Emily Skye Fit program offers quick and easy no-equipment workouts that can be done at home or the gym.


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