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Why You Should Try These Les Mills Classes

Top 5 Les Mills Classes To Try

The Les Mills mission is simple - create ‘A Fitter Planet’. With a mix of great music and cutting-edge science to help people fall in love with fitness and 21 different Les Mills classes, there is an Les Mills group fitness class for everyone. All Les Mills group fitness classes are designed with results in mind and are backed by science – meaning, the movement patterns and combination of exercises in a class have been specifically chosen to encourage maximum result. With results in mind, we’ve listed our top 5 Les Mills classes you have to try today!

1. BodyPump

BodyPump is one of the original Les Mills group fitness classes – it originated in 1990 and became so popular in Australia and New Zealand it was launched worldwide in 1997. A whole-body workout, BodyPump uses low weight barbells for high repetitions of exercises to create lean muscle mass and burn fat. It is open to all fitness levels and brings an array of fitness benefits, including:

  • improved strength

  • improved fitness levels

  • increase in metabolism

  • increase in muscle tone and shape

  • works all major muscle groups

The science of BodyPump is explained by Les Mills as the Rep Effect – where high repetitions of an exercise using light weight exhausts the muscles to develop lean, athletic muscle.

2. RPM

If you’re looking for a class that burns maximum calories and gets your heart racing RPM is the one for you. An indoor cycle class set to music with everything from speed challenges, hills of differing sizes to climb and interval bursts, Les Mills RPM is perfect for all fitness levels because you control your speed and intensity of the session. With a studio full of bikes spinning in time with each other, the energy is high in an RPM class and keeping up with the pace of the pack will have you pushing your limits and improving your performance time and time again. Benefits of RPM include:

  • improves lung function

  • improves heart strength

  • increases cardio fitness

  • burns calories and fat increases

  • lower body strength

3. Sh’Bam

Get your groove on and burn big calories in a fun, ego-free dance workout class, Sh’Bam. You’ll be busting moves Beyonce would be proud of while reaping all the fitness rewards. This has to be the most fun class in the Les Mills range! Benefits of Sh’Bam include: increases cardio fitness improves coordination burns big calories sheds fat boost confidence – even if you think you can’t dance, Sh’Bam will convince you otherwise.

But dance is not restricted to just fitness benefits, recent studies suggest that dancing is also good for the brain – increasing cell growth in the hippocampus (part of the brain associated with memory) to potentially decrease the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s as we age.

Want to see a Sh’Bam class in action? Watch this video.

4. Grit Series

The Les Mills GRIT Series takes strength and cardio classes to another level. A combination of three Les Mills Grit classes (Grit Plyo, Grit Strength and Grit Cardio) all rolled into one class, means a workout with maximum fat burn, muscle build and sweat – definitely one to try for rapid results! Using a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) format, the benefits of this group fitness class are endless, including:

  • increases lean muscle

  • full body workout

  • maximum results in a short time

  • burns calories not just during, but after the class too

  • increases cardio fitness, strength and endurance

5. BodyBalance

Les Mills BodyBalance is a Yoga-based class that incorporates elements of Tai Chi and Pilates for both an entire mind body experience. Out of our top 5 Les Mills classes to try, this one will slow the pace down and put a focus on your breathing and posture while taking you through a choreographed workout of different stretches and poses. Flexibility is an area that is very often forgotten about when we exercise, making this Les Mills group fitness class a perfect balance to the rest of your training plan. BodyBalance benefits include: improves flexibility

  • improves balance and coordination

  • increases mind body connection and awareness

  • improves core strength

  • decreases stress


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