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Body Balance


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About the class

Body Balance is a trio of yoga, tai chi and Pilates that works your core and builds strength through your back. A program of controlled breathing combined with stretches, moves and poses focuses the mind and has long-lasting effects on your body’s mobility, strength and flexibility. Support your overall exercise regime with this health-enhancing mind and body workout where the lights are dimmed, the mood is serene and the body is brought into a state of harmony and balance, leaving you with a sense of calm. Classes conclude with a 10-minute relaxation exercise to send you away feeling like you’re floating on air.


Nurture your body for an increased sense of wellbeing and gain improved flexibility and core strength.

  • Increase flexibility and range of movement

  • Improve core strength and cardiovascular fitness

  • Repair and rebuild fatigued muscles after weight training

  • Reduce stress

  • Support your overall fitness by balancing the body and mind

What to bring

Water bottle

Sweat towel

When to arrive

At least 10 minutes before.