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Getting a Job as a Personal Trainer in 2021

Ready to reach your fitness career goals in 2021? Embrace a new you in the new year by becoming a personal trainer. The rise of Australia’s fitness industry has created unprecedented demand for qualified personal trainers, so there’s never been a better time to get qualified.

To become a personal trainer, you’ll need a formal qualification. AIPT’s SIS40215/BSB50215 - Complete Personal Trainer^ Program + Diploma of Business equips you with the skills required to help people reach their fitness goals, as well as fundamental business knowledge.

Before enrolling in a personal trainer qualification, it’s vital to understand how to build a successful career in the fitness industry. This article covers everything you need to know about becoming a personal trainer in 2021 and finding employment opportunities once you’re qualified.

Is being a personal trainer rewarding?

Do you enjoy feeling fit and strong, and helping others feel that way too? If yes, you’ll find being a personal trainer highly rewarding. In addition to the satisfaction you’ll experience by supporting your clients in their fitness journey, there are many other benefits associated with this career choice.

Personal trainers have great flexibility, as they get to choose their own hours and clients. You can also use your qualification in different roles, including group fitness instructor, centre manager, and fitness entrepreneur.

How to Get a Job as a Personal Trainer

To qualify for employment in the fitness industry, you’ll need to complete mandatory training. You could start with AIPT’s SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness, which equips you with fundamental training and fitness skills. Once you’ve completed your Certificate III, you can further your education and career by enrolling in our SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness. All personal trainers in Australia are required to hold Cert IV qualification, as it covers the skills required to train clients in a gym or as an independent personal trainer.

If you already have a busy schedule and aren’t sure how you’re going to make time for studying, much of the theory work in AIPT’s fitness qualifications can be done online. Once you’ve finished all the theory, you’ll be ready for the practical component of your course.

Keep Up with Fitness Trends

The best personal trainers never stop learning. To find and retain clients, you’ll need to know the latest and greatest training methods. This means constantly looking for and learning new techniques rather than offering the same old exercises that have been around for years.

Earning yourself a reputation as an innovator will help you keep up in the highly competitive personal training industry. Networking with other fitness professionals and working with leading gyms will make it easier for you to keep learning and growing.

Establishing yourself in the fitness industry can take hard work and patience. Becoming a personal trainer is about helping people, so always remember why you started.

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