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How To Stay Active In The Cooler Months

5 tips to stay active this Winter

The benefits of regular exercise stretch far beyond the boundaries of physical health. Getting your sweat on can boost your energy levels, your productivity at work, your mood and even your immunity! Which is why, with winter coming up, staying active is especially important.

We’ve listed 5 top tips to help you stay active in the upcoming cooler months

1. Set some fitness GOALS!

Start thinking about a frequency of exercise that is achievable and sustainable for you, and commit! Be specific with your goals - for example, Body Pump on a Monday at 6am, RPM on a Wednesday at 6.30pm, and Body Attack on a Saturday at 9am. Or, reaching 10,000 steps a day. You may wish to set a long-term goal, such as participating in the ‘Run Melbourne’, and create short term goals along the way. Ask your Goodlife team for help with goalsetting, if you need.

2. Keep accountable to your goals

Most of us, in the past, have been guilty of setting personal goals and not following through. Let’s make this time different! Stay accountable to your goals by setting reminders on your phone, writing exercise times in your diary, enlisting a gym buddy or personal trainer, booking in a regular babysitter for the kids…whatever works for you. And don’t bump exercise down the priority list! A little ‘me time’ at the gym is important, and can make you more efficient in other areas of your busy life. It may also help you to sleep better!

3. Choose a type of activity that excites you

If you’re tired of the same old gym classes and exercise machines, mix it up. Enlist a personal trainer, either once every 4-8 weeks for a program update, or a few times a week for something different each time you visit the gym. Try a new Les Mills or small group fitness class. What about martial arts, pole dancing, or pilates? Find something that excites you – you’re more likely to stick with it. Just make sure it’s convenient – no matter how much you love to salsa dance, it may not work out if the studio is a 40min drive from home.

4. Go shopping!

Is it time for a new pair of runners, or compression tights? What about a windproof jacket, earphones, or a yoga mat? Will a Garmin watch, which tracks heart rate, calories burned and distance run (amongst other things) inspire you to commit more seriously to your morning run? There’s nothing like a new ‘toy’ or outfit to boost motivation! And, you may feel more connected to your fitness goals – after all, you’ll need to get your money’s worth!!

5. Find some excellent listening material

Do you listen to music, a podcast, or an audiobook when you work out? If not, why don’t you try listening to something that interests you, and distracts you from the burn? It’s a gamechanger!

And if you find something you love listening to, you may miraculously find more time for exercise 😉 Check out our previous blog ‘Motivational Podcasts’ for some ideas, or do your own research. Try a few things until you find an option that clicks.


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