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Benefits Of The Correct Sports Bra

Why women don’t wear sports bras and if they don’t like wearing sports bras what to look for to make them the most comfortable they can be?

There are a large number of women who don’t realise the impact of movement on their breasts and think they don’t need to wear a sports bra. This could be due to the fact that they are a smaller cup size, or they feel they only participate in moderate exercise.  Also, many women have experienced pain and irritation from ill-fitting and poorly constructed sports garments that has deterred them from wearing a support garment during exercise.

But did you know an unsupported B cup can bounce up to 8cm when active, so it is crucial that no matter what sports you’re doing, you should always wear a sports bra.

Head Designer for Innovation Adele Kershaw at Berlei, says ‘Most women are conscious about how their breasts feel during exercise because they can bounce around and feel uncomfortable, however they are often unaware of the damage that can happen below the surface to the soft tissue and delicate Coopers ligaments inside their breasts if they don’t have the correct support. Women are aware of the need for different equipment such as footwear and clothing for different sports, but they need to be aware of the importance of wearing the right sports bra for different sports to prevent this damage.’

Adele continued, ‘Our research shows that breasts move differently depending on the sport or activity women are doing, however an astounding 76% of women admit to wearing the exact same sports bra no matter what the activity is. We strive to bring to light the importance of wearing the correct sports bra during different exercise and encourage women to prioritise their breasts by choosing the correct support when it comes to sport.’

Quality bra brands include handy ways for you to choose the correct sports bra for not just your size, but your chosen exercise too. For example, Berlei, the only bra brand that that is tested, approved and endorsed by the Australian Institute of Sport, makes it easy to choose the right bra for your workout with its Support Factor (SF) rating. This spans from SF1 Low Impact (yoga, pilates) to SF4 Extreme Impact sports (HIIT, kickboxing).

So now that you understand the implications caused by either not wearing a sports bra at all or wearing an ill-fitting sports bra, let’s take a look at the benefits of wearing a bra that properly supports you.

Top 5 benefits of wearing the correct sports bra

  1. Good quality sports bras can reduce bounce by up to 60%

  2. With the right sports bra, you can properly focus on your sport or exercise 

  3. Sports bras help reduce breast pain

  4. Say goodbye to feeling self-conscious about bouncing breasts while you workout

  5. Most sports bra brands now offer a range of sports bra that are not only functional, supportive and comfortable but are also fashionable. 

Take action – how to check if your sports bra fits.


Needs to be made of strong, wide elastic so it can support properly. It will feel firmer than an everyday bra but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable.

Try this:

Rotate your upper body and raise your arms. Your band should stay in place. If it doesn't then it's too big - try loosening the hook, going up a band size or down a cup size. If you feel restricted or you see bulges and spillage then it's too small - try tightening the hook, going down a band size or up a cup size.


A sports bra should minimise movement. Your breasts must be completely covered or encased within the cups to effectively limit any movement

Try this:

Do a squat jump, if you feel a lot of movement the cups are too big (go down a cup size), if your breast spills out over the top then they're too small (go up a cup size).


Straps should fit firmly but not too tight so as to leave marks or cause skin irritation. Likewise, they shouldn't be too loose or slipping. Adjust the straps as necessary, try crossing them over or opt for a racerback style.

For more information on Berlei’s premium range of sports bras suited to a wide variety of sizes and exercises, check out their latest Spring/Summer 19 sports bra collection here:

So next time you think of hitting the gym or even a yoga class, remember that the right sports bra can give you a confidence boost and knowing you’re being properly supported gives you the self-assurance to do your thing. A perfectly fitted sports bra that suits your chosen sport and/or exercise not only is beneficial for your workout, but it will help to prevent long term breast damage arising down the track too.


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