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Cycle Plus


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About the class

Are you and the bike well acquainted? Take your cycle routine up a notch with Cycle Plus - a more intense cycle class that challenges you to more time on the stationary bike, more intensity and tougher terrain than ever before. Think you can handle it? Challenge your mind and body with sprints, hill climbs and endurance sets as your instructor guides you through the imaginary course and a series of cycling techniques. Cycle Plus is great for experienced cyclists but open to all skill levels – no experience in the saddle necessary.


Maximise the cardio and toning benefits of cycling with this intensive cycle class.

  • Take your love of spinning to the next level

  • Tone your butt, legs and thighs

  • Build core strength

  • Increase cardiovascular fitness

  • Set your own intensity by adjusting your bike’s resistance

What to bring

Water bottle

Sweat towel

When to arrive

At least 10 minutes before.