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Hot Yoga


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About the class

Step into the 34-36 degree warmth of your hot yoga studio and sweat up a storm in Hot Yoga. Move through a series of poses designed to offer short and long-term benefit to your health and wellbeing. Your heart rate is higher than in a room-temperature room, your metabolism increases, allowing better blood flow and greater circulation. The warmth of the room also allows your body to warm up more quickly so you’re more flexible. Expect to sweat from places you didn’t even know could sweat – just remember to drink plenty of water before and after.


Enjoy greater flexibility and release more toxins in a heated room that takes yoga to a new level.

  • Increase your heart rate and metabolism

  • Enhance flexibility

  • Increase blood flow for greater circulation

  • Sweat more to release more toxins

  • Positive effects on blood pressure, stress and mood

What to bring

Water bottle

Sweat towel

When to arrive

At least 10 minutes before.