Do you feel unmotivated to workout? Are you growing tired of munching on the same old meal prep? You might be in a health and fitness slump. While easy to fall into, they can sometimes be hard to climb out of. So if you’re stuck, check out these 6 ways to get out of a slump.    

1. Curate a new playlist  

When it comes to exercise, there are few tools more powerful than music. Not only does it decrease perceived exertion rates so you can inadvertently increase your stamina, but also distracts you from pain, fatigue and almost instantly boosts your mood and motivation. Try curating a playlist full of your favourite songs. Music with a BPM of 120 or higher is ideal for exercise.   

2. Mix up your menu 

Contrary to popular belief, healthy eating doesn’t have to be all about bland old chicken and broccoli. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t about deprivation, but rather creative adaptation, so mix up your menu week on week and look for healthy alternatives to your favourite meals. We have plenty on the blog, so why not try whipping up these next time you’re not sure what to eat. Healthy Nachos, Cheesy Zucchini and Carrot Baked oat Slice or this Halloumi Breakfast Bowl.   

3. New activewear  

It’s the oldest trick in the book, but a bit of retail therapy never goes astray. Nothing feels (or looks) better than brand new activewear, so if you’re feeling unmotivated to move, treat yourself to a new outfit or new pair of running shoes (you can never have too many sneakers) and you’ll find any excuse to hit the gym and show it off.  

4. Start journaling  

Sometimes we can fall into a slump and not know how or why we’re in it. When in doubt, journal it out. Journaling (also known as freewriting or morning pages) can help you get clear on your thoughts, values, beliefs and what’s important to you. This kind of writing can help you unearth roadblocks in your life and in turn identify the steps and goals you need to get past them.  

5. Hire help  

Accountability can sometimes serve as the best motivation. Why not hire the help of a fitness professional or a personal trainer, who will hold you accountable to showing up even on days that you don’t necessarily want to, as well as identify training styles that fit with you and your goals?   

6. Try something new  

Variety is the spice of life, but it’s also the spice of a healthy lifestyle. Mix up the way you get your heart rate to avoid becoming stagnant and bored. Are you a devoted cardio king/queen? Why not try a weights/resistance training style workout. Are you addicted to Body Attack? Why not try a Pilates class one day?