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Active Adults


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About the class

Active Adults is a great mix of strength and cardio training with a focus on low impact movement and low risk activity at an achievable pace. This full-body workout gets you more mobile, more flexible, and stronger both in body and cardiovascular fitness. Active Adults is as much about getting fit as it is about meeting new people – there’s something about working out in a group environment that motivates you to push that little bit further while having fun and making friends.

Great results through safe and low-impact exercise to ensure your body is kept in peak health in your golden years.

  • Stay young and fit

  • Socialise and meet new people

  • Low impact exercises to prevent injury 

  • Combination of strength and cardiovascular exercise

  • Increase range of motion and support body function and movement

  • See improvements in strength, tone and cardiovascular fitness

What to bring

Water bottle

Sweat towel

When to arrive

At least 10 minutes before.