3 Common Mistakes Halting Your Progress

Hands up those of you who are staying consistent with your workouts, your nutrition is on point but you’re not seeing progress or results? One of these 3 common workout mistakes might be halting your progress. 

1. You’re not mixing up your movement

While we all love routine, if we continue to do the same form of exercise day in, day out, our muscles will quickly adapt, making it far more likely to hit a plateau. Aim to mix up your workouts every two weeks by progressing the intensity. Challenge yourself by mixing up and increasing weight, reps, duration or the intensity of the exercise. Furthermore, adding variety to your workout routine will help prevent boredom to keep you motivated and consistent.

2. You’re only doing cardio

While cardio training is a sure-fire way to burn fat and increase your cardiovascular fitness, strength and resistance training are just as important. The more lean muscle mass your body has the more calories your body will burn at rest. Strength training also has an abundance of other benefits and can strengthen bone density, prevent injury and boost your metabolic rate. Aim to incorporate at least 2 strength sessions each week.

3. You’re not taking time to recover

Recovery is just as important as intensity. Not giving your body enough time to rest and recover from the tiny muscle fiber tears that are caused during high intensity workouts will make you far more susceptible to injury and burnout. In addition to scheduling active recovery days, make sure you’re getting adequate sleep, hydration and nutrition.