How Nicola Scruby Found Her Thing

We’re all familiar with that age old adage “great things never came from comfort zones” - something which rings particularly true for Nicola Scruby. For Nicola, her comfort zone at the gym was the cardio area, and she would rarely venture much further than the familiarity of the treadmill. But with the help of a Goodlife Personal Trainer, she discovered strength training and quickly began reaping its long list of multifaceted benefits. Not only did she find herself feeling physically stronger than she’d ever been, but her mental strength was at an all time high too, which has since proven a huge factor in helping her overcome the challenges that go hand-in-hand with running a business.

When did you first join Goodlife?

I first joined Goodlife in 2009! It was the first gym I ever joined and I became obsessed.

Tell us about your training and how Goodlife helps you in your day-to-day life?

To me, Goodlife is a space where I can take a break from the hustle of work. I own my own business and if I don't leave the office, I find myself going insane. Goodlife is not just a place for me to maintain my health and fitness, it's a space where I regain my sanity and practice mindfulness. My favourite training is weights based training. I've also started to enrol myself in more classes - Body Attack, Body Pump and Grit Strength are my favourite!

Why do you exercise?

For mental clarity and to de-stress. What do you love about it? I love the difference in my level of motivation before and after I workout. Before I workout i'm usually feeling a bit tired and apprehensive about doing any exercise, but once I complete the workout I feel on top of the world.

What's your favourite type of training/ THING and why?

I love weights training and ...push-ups - because I can finally do them on my feet! I also love the GRIT STRENGTH class at Goodlife, it's 30 minutes of HIIT and I'm always so sore afterwards (in a good way).

Have you ever had to overcome any big hurdles in life and at the gym? Tell us about them.

Two years ago I started a business. I've experienced some big hurdles in my life but the process of starting and maintaining a business has most certainly been my biggest! I can actually compare it to going to the gym; some days you're super motivated and other days you have to get into a positive mindset to get started and achieve your goals. In terms of hurdles at the gym, I used to be embarrassed walking into the weights room because I didn't know how to use any of the machines. I conquered that fear last year and am now obsessed!

What drives/motivates you to achieve your health and fitness goals?

My mindset! Honestly, if i'm eating healthy and exercising consistently, I am the best version of myself. As someone who also experiences a lot of hormonal breakouts on my face, I can honestly say going to the gym and getting sweaty reduces my pimples and makes my skin glow!

Tell us something people might not know about you?

Between the ages of 13 and 22 I suffered from depression and severe binge purge disorder. Studying nutrition and cognitive behavioural therapy helped me to recover!

Who has been the biggest influence on your gym experience and why?

Definitely Raf from Goodlife Health Clubs Fortitude Valley. He is always on my back about my next workout and always tailors my workouts to suit my mood and stress level. It's amazing how a stressful day can impact your ability at the gym. Raf incorporates mindfulness, breathing and stretching into each workout to ensure i'm on track.