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5 Reasons Carbs Are Not The Enemy

When it comes to food groups, carbs have unfairly copped a bad rep, and thanks in large part to restrictive diet culture, they’re usually one of the first things people eliminate when they embark on a new healthy eating or weight loss regime. But contrary to popular belief, carbs are not the enemy - in fact, they’re quite the opposite.

Check out these 5 reasons carbs are not the enemy. 

1. They are your body’s main source of fuel

Once consumed, carbohydrates are broken down and converted into a type of sugar that’s stored in our muscles and liver called glycogen, which is the body’s primary source of fuel. Ever felt like you’ve hit a wall during an intense workout? Your body may have depleted its glycogen stores, which is why it’s recommended to have a carb rich snack 30-60 minutes prior to training.   

2. They increase feelings of happiness

It’s no coincidence that you feel happier after finishing a big old bowl of protein oats. Carbohydrate consumption naturally stimulates the production and release of serotonin, the mood boosting chemical in the brain that contributes to feelings of happiness and overall well being.  

3. They provide you with longer lasting energy

Whole grain and fiber rich carbohydrates (also known as slow release carbs) including oats, brown rice, quinoa, potato and legumes provide a gradual release of energy that keeps your blood sugar and energy levels stable for prolonged periods of time. This will help prevent you from reaching for the cookie jar to get you through the dreaded afternoon slump.

4. They help keep your digestive system healthy

The fiber found in slow release carbohydrates plays a major role in the maintenance of  our digestive health. It helps to keep our digestive tract flowing, and in turn keep our bowel movements regular.

5. They’re delicious

We don’t believe in restriction or deprivation, so why deprive yourself of what’s arguably the most delicious food group? Restricting foods you love will only increase your chance of binging, so just remember, everything in moderation. 


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