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21 Things To Try At The Gym In 2021

Hands up if one of your New Year’s resolutions was to get more consistent with your training? When it comes to consistency, variety is key! So if you’re looking for a way to shake up the way you get your heart rate up, check out this list of 21 things you should try at the gym in 2021!

1. Bootybarre

Think barre is just for dancers? Think again! This class will build some serious strength as well as open up tight hip flexors (perfect for those who sit at a desk all day). It’s no coincidence this class is a fave among celebrities and even professional football players!

2. Treadmill Intervals

Put your cardio fitness to the test and try some HIIT training on the treadmill. Get into the fat burning zone and get your metabolism firing by running for 30 seconds and resting for 30 seconds.

3. Foam Rolling/stretching

Did you know stretching is just as important as sweating? Head into the functional training zone and spend some time on the foam roller post workout to loosen up those hard working muscles.

4. Utilise BootyBands

If you’ve got #bootygoals you want to smash, utilize equipment like booty bands. The ultimate glute activators, booty bands can be added to progress exercises including hip thrusters and clams right through to plyometric jump squats (warning: you will be sore the next day).

5. BodyPump

Contrary to popular opinion, weights will not make you bulky. If you’re looking to incorporate some weight training into your routine but not sure where to start, try a BodyPump class.

6. PT

If you’re looking to kick your fitness into high gear, our passionate personal trainers are on hand to help customise an exercise and nutrition plan for you that will help you smash your goals!

7. Swimming

Never underestimate the power of low impact resistance training. Swimming is one of the best exercises to improve joint mobility - especially for those who are recovering from injury.

8. Sip on BCAA’s

Supplements like BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids) can come in handy during workouts. BCAA’s can help fight fatigue during prolonged exercise, help protect lean muscle mass and prevent muscle soreness (plus they’re delicious).

9. Skipping

Unleash your inner child and try a few rounds of skipping. Skipping helps improve coordination, boosts cardiovascular fitness (remember Jump Rope for Heart), improves bone density and torches some serious calories.

10. Zen out

Remember active recovery is just as important as activity. On your active recovery days, why not try a mind/body class like yoga or Body Balance?

11. Track your progress

Track your progress in the gym with a fitness tracker like an Apple Watch or Myzone Heartrate Monitor. Trust us, trying to smash your own PB’s will become an addiction!

12. Bring a friend to train with you

We all love a bit of healthy competition, so why not bring a friend to train with you and battle it out against each other?

13. Pedal to the metal

If you’re looking for some low impact cardio options, look no further than our selection of cycle classes. From RPM and Cycle right through to Pace and even virtual cycle, we have so many options available.

14. Make a playlist

Build yourself a gym playlist full of your favourite hype songs that will get you in the zone and motivate you right through your workout.

15. Take basic moves to the next level

If you’ve been doing the same old moves day in day out, it’s time to turn up the intensity. If you love to lunge, turn your basic lunge into a plyometric lunge jump. If you love to squat, try adding some weight to it.

16. Treat yo’self to some new activewear

Nothing motivates you to hit the gym more than some fresh new activewear. Treat yo’self.

17. Listen to a podcast

Looking for a way to kill time while you’re on the stairmaster? Plug into your favourite podcast and you’ll have finished your set in no time.

18. Commit to a challenge

What better way to commit to your fitness in 2021 than by signing up for a challenge? The Goodlife 8 week challenge kicks off in February and will help you transform your body from the inside out.

19. Functional training

If you haven’t dipped a toe in the functional training pool yet, now is the time. Functional training is designed to help develop the strength required to perform basic day-to-day activities like lifting and bending.

20. Get social

Why not introduce yourself to someone you regularly see at that gym and go and grab a coffee after your session of group fitness class?

21. Have fun

First and foremost remember that exercise is a privilege not a punishment, so don’t forget to have fun and enjoy every session!


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