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About the class

Aqua is the low-impact solution to the hot and sweaty workout you’d rather avoid. Feel light as a feather as you glide through motions designed to be beneficial and challenging yet easy on the body. Don’t think it won’t challenge you – you’ll still get a great workout, and if you’re new to the moves and miss a step, no one will ever know! Most of your movement is underwater with some use of equipment like water dumbbells. Aqua is great for pregnancy and rehabilitation, but everyone is welcome to splash down and tone.

Benefits This full-body workout lets you burn calories in comfort with your bodyweight supported and no impact on your joints.

  • Burn calories without burning up

  • Full-body workout for cardio and strength

  • Low impact and easy on your joints

  • Great for pregnancy and rehab

  • Builds strength by using water as a form of resistance 

What to bring

Water bottle

Sweat towel

When to arrive

At least 10 minutes before.