Power of a Personal Trainer

At Goodlife, we're so much more than just a gym, and our purpose extends far beyond the realm of just weight loss! We move people to achieve great things, and whether that great thing is overcoming a setback from illness or injury, blowing off steam after a tough day or achieving a weight loss goal, our dedicated team of Fitness Professionals, including our passionate Personal Trainers are on hand to help! 

But what is it that really makes our trainers different? They practice what they preach, and draw on personal experience from their own health and fitness journeys to help motivate and inspire their clients. Just like Sarah White, a Goodlife PT who lost half of her body weight and completely transformed her life. Her own experience has helped shape the amazing trainer she is today, as she understands first hand exactly what her clients are going through. 

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Sarah's Story

Have you always wanted to be a personal trainer?

I just wanted to be in a role where I was helping people. I come from a long line of strong female role models. My mom is a disability care worker, my aunt is a nurse. Before I lost the weight, I would never have thought that I would ever be a personal trainer in my whole entire life. I was leaning towards social work, but then after I lost the weight (50kgs), I put two and two together and I thought, "this is what I want to be doing in my life. I want to make people feel the way that I feel every single day now that I'm living my life to the fullest."

You ended up losing literally half of your body weight, did you have a specific goal or number on the scale you thought you’d be happy reaching?

I’d lost a bit of weight initially, but the way I lost the rest of the weight is because someone convinced me to do a bikini competition. I’d never worn a bikini before, I’d never worn heels, I’d never even had a fake tan. But I thought well why not?

I slowly started getting this newfound confidence and I was really enjoying what I was doing, plus the weight was really coming off. The competition day arrived and I’d gotten down to 55kgs and I thought once I was there I was going to be super happy. But then I realised I was more miserable than I was when I started because I realised that all I actually needed was to fall in love with myself and take care of my body - not to look good in a bikini. 

For me now, the biggest thing I want to teach my clients that looking good is great, but if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons then what's the point? 

Do you have any client transformations that you're particularly proud of? 

I can't pick someone individually because honestly, every single one of my clients is unbelievable. Even teaching group fitness and having the power to know that you’ve just left a room full of people feeling 100 times better than when they first walked in, that's a phenomenal feeling. I don't think there's anything in the world that is better than that feeling. That's the most magical moment for me, is watching someone walk out feeling better than when they first walked in. You can't put a price on that.

Where do you see yourself in five years from today?

What do I want to be doing in five years? The exact same thing. Only because it brings so much joy to my life. Bringing joy and happiness to other people's lives, brings joy into my life. I honestly can say this job makes me so unbelievably happy, and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. 

What is it that makes you love what you do? 

Watching someone actually fall in love with themselves is the most magical part of my job. Ultimately, being able to improve someone's quality of life is what I do and it’s what I love, which is why I’ll never stop. 

Do you think because of what you’ve been through on your own weight loss journey, it makes you a better trainer? 

I would never take back where I’ve been because it makes me so much better at my job. I honestly wouldn’t take back my journey for the world and I don’t even wish that I’d started sooner, because the lessons that I’ve learnt are priceless and have made me so much better at my job because I understand first hand what it feels like.