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Rebecca Bailey

Bec has over 5 years experience in the fitness industry helping a multitude of clients achieve their goals., Bec believes that having a positive attitude plays a major role in how you feel., Bec helps clients work on improving themselves, regardless of their level of fitness.


  • Certificate III and IV in Exercise Science

  • Boxing Instructor

  • Level I Athletics Coach

  • Level I Kettlebell

  • Level I Powerlifting

  • Level I Rehab Trainer

  • Level I Strength and Conditioning

  • TRX Functional Training Course


  • Suspension training

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Powerlifting

  • Marathons and triathlons

  • Hypertrophy training

  • Basic lifting techniques

Focus Areas

  • Weight loss

  • Functional training

  • Sport specific training