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Kudon Nicholson

Kydon has coached many sports such as basketball, soccer and now personal training. He joined a gym to compete in bodybuilding/ fitness shows but ended up falling in love with powerlifting. He is now hitting new personal bests monthly and achieving his short-term and long-term goals. He was faced with many tests such as plateauing and technique confusion but this only enabled him to meet new people and develop new skills. This also allowed him to fall in love with the fitness community and strive mentally and physically in the gym. He enjoys assisting people with strength and bodybuilding training and specialises in major movements such as Bench press, Deadlift and Squat.


  • Certificate IV Personal Trainer

  • Certificate III Fitness Instructor


  • Strength Training

  • Body Building Training

  • Body recomposition

  • Custom Programming

Focus Areas

  • Weight loss

  • Strength

  • Body transformation