How to stay safe in the gym

The safety and wellbeing of our members has always been our top priority, and in recent times, we’ve put additional measures in place to ensure the highest level of health and hygiene practices are maintained so you can train with confidence. But did you know there’s also a few things that you can do too, to ensure a safe and successful workout every time! 

  1. Always warm up  Not only is warming up the easiest way to help prevent sustaining an injury, but a good warm up before your workout will drive your heart rate up faster so in turn, you burn calories for longer! Try some high knee runs, mountain climbers, lunges and squat jumps to get the blood moving and heart pumping! 

  2. Bring a towel  Always remember to bring a towel, as we have a strict no towel no train policy. If you forget to bring one, don’t worry, because gym towels can be purchased from reception! Grab one when you check-in! 

  3. Stay hydrated  Always remember to bring a water bottle with you, as hydration is of paramount importance during periods of exercise. As a general rule of thumb, in addition to the 2L of water the average adult should drink per day, it’s recommended another 600ml for every half hour of physical activity. 

  4. Wipe down equipment after use  When it comes to maintaining good hygiene, we all have our part to play. Be mindful to your fellow gym goers and always make sure you wipe down all equipment after use with the disinfectant wipes provided. Remember, one fit fam team, one hygiene dream!

  5. Cool down post workout  Cooling down is just as important as warming up and should never be missed. During a workout, your heart rate is significantly elevated and a proper cool down will help return it safely to a resting level.