Coconut Wraps Are The Latest Fad, So Here Are 3 Recipes

Finding a snack that keeps you full without doing damage to the waistline can be a difficult task. The latest fad to capture our attention - coconut wraps - is a nutritious treat that will keep you satiated for hours. 

Coconut wraps are a gluten and dairy free* alternative to regular bread and wheat wraps, made from the flesh of the coconut, usually called coconut meat, with some coconut water and coconut oil.

Along with being gluten and dairy free, coconut wraps are generally lower in carbohydrate and calories compared to wheat alternatives. On average, a coconut wrap has 5g of fat, 6g of carbohydrate and 1g of protein (1). They would be a great option for anyone following a gluten free, paleo, vegan, keto or lower-calorie diet.

Instead of being round, they’re often square-shaped. They have a smooth texture, and are thinner - very similar to a crepe – usually with a noticeable coconut taste. You can eat them hot or cold. Most health food stores and some supermarkets will stock them.

Here are three healthy ways to use coconut wraps:

1. Falafel & Hummus

  • Heat up 3-4 falafels. 

  • Spread 20g of hummus over the coconut wrap, top with a handful of lettuce, ¼ of a sliced cucumber, ½ a sliced tomato and the falafels.

  • Roll up and enjoy!

2. Chicken & Avocado

  • Grill or poach 100g of chicken breast (or utilise pre-cooked roast chicken from the deli)

  • Spread ¼ of an avocado over the coconut wrap and top with a handful of baby spinach, ¼ of a cup of sprouts, ¼ cup of sliced beetroot, ¼ of a cup of grated carrot and the chicken

  • Roll up and enjoy!

3. Chickpea Smash

  • Put 200g drained chickpeas in a bowl and roughly mash with a fork

  • Mix in 2 tbsp of plain Greek yoghurt, some lemon juice, ¼ tsp cumin powder, salt and pepper

  • Spoon the chickpea mix over the wrap and top with ¼ a of a sliced cucumber, ½ a sliced tomato, and a handful of lettuce

  • Roll up and enjoy!