Calories burnt in your favourite Group Fitness Classes

When it comes to training, we know that everyone has different preferences. Some like to lift, some like to run and some like to breathe, which is why we have over 60 different group fitness classes on the timetable! So you’re guaranteed to find something that fits with you and your fitness goals. From fast paced high energy cardio classes like Body Attack and RPM right through to slower lower impact classes like BootyBarre and Yoga, we pride ourselves on having an option for everyone, no matter your age or current fitness level!  

So if you’ve ever wondered how many calories you burn in your favourite Group Fitness class, you’re in luck, because we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular classes below! Please note that the calorie guide below is an average estimate and remember that these numbers will vary based on body type, fitness level and energy exertion. 

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  • Class: Body Attack (55-minutes) Calories burned: 675

  • Class: Body Pump (55-minutes) Calories burned: 560

  • Class: RPM (45-minutes) Calories burned: 675

  • Class: Arena (45-minutes) Calories burned: 800

  • Class: BootyBarre (60-minutes) Calories burned: 400

  • Class: Pilates (60-minutes) Calories burned: 265

  • Class: Sh'Bam (30-minutes) Calories burned: 410

  • Class: GRIT (30-minutes) Calories burned: 400