How to Burn More Calories in Your Working

Do you want to know how you can optimise your calorie burn every time you hit the gym? These 5 tips will help turn you into a lean, mean, calorie burning machine! 

  1. Warm up properly Warming up prior to your workout is an underrated part of the session. A proper warm up (not just the kind where you stretch your quads for a few seconds on each side) will help pump blood to your muscles, rev your heart rate and help ramp your caloric expenditure throughout the rest of the workout. Try things like high knee runs, jumping jacks, mountain climbers and hip thrusters. 

  2. Add resistance  The higher the resistance during a workout, the more muscle fibres are required to contract the muscle and the more calories you’ll burn. If you’re on a treadmill or a bike, dial up the restence, if you’re doing free weights, try to lift a little heavier, and if you’re doing bodyweight training, add a resistance band.

  3. Pump the tunes  A good playlist can make all the difference when it comes to completing a good workout! Not only can a good playlist combat boredom and keep up the tempo of the workout (great when running), but research also suggests that it can lower perceived exertion rates, so you’re likely to workout harder and for longer without the need to rest. 

  4. Enlist a fit friend  Having a friend to workout with will not only help keep you accountable to showing up to the workout, but the added benefit of healthy competition will get you running a little faster and jumping a little higher than you would if you were alone. 

  5. Challenge yourself  If the set calls for air squats and you find it easy, do plyometric jump squats. If the workout says to lift a 5kg dumbbell but it’s too light for you, try 7kgs instead. Challenging yourself in each workout will help you get fitter, faster and ensure you’re making progress.