Moments of Magic: Marcia

What was the catalyst that prompted you to change your lifestyle? 

I watched my mother pass away. She used to lay there in bed as she was dying, and say to us, "you're wasting your body. I'm sitting here dying, and you're sitting there killing yourself with food”. That really hit home. After she passed away, I just thought, right, I need to stop killing myself.  Food for me was always my go-to. I’d eat when I was happy, I’d eat when I was sad, and while I watched my mother die I just binged. It made me feel good, but at the same time I was making myself bigger, unhappier, and more depressed. After she passed was when the journey really started. I just started walking because I was so big there was nothing else I could really do. My arches collapsed in my feet because I was so big. 

Tell us a bit about your journey?

It's been five years and I’ve lost about 42kgs. When I started and I didn't have any awareness, I was very big. I've gone through every diet, every fad. I was keto, then I was paleo, and then I did Weight Watchers… you name it, I tried it. Now I’ve just taken little bits from everything I’ve learnt and I’m just consistently just eating right.  Was there an uh huh moment that just set everything right?  The 12 Week Challenge has completely changed everything for me. I used to consider food good or bad, I would call it evil and sugar the devil and kind of hurting myself with it or rewarding myself with it. It's just fuel, and it's just a means to an end, and now I’m enjoying it when I can, but then not bashing myself up for it if I go out and have something that you would normally consider bad.

What are your favourite ways to train?

I really like HIIT training because it’s quick and effective. Being a single mum who works full time and has a side business, I don’t have a lot of time. It's very important for me to be an example for my daughter and because Goodlife have the creche, I can always bring her with me. I incorporate lots of things now, like spin classes because they’re just horrible. It's great. But it's horrible because it hurts. But it's amazing, and it drops the calories.

What do you like most about training at Goodlife?

I feel like it's a little bit like home. The Queen Street club is my home. I'm looking at getting promoted at work, but I don't want to because I’ll have to move offices so I won’t be near the Queen Street Gym anymore. I actually considered not taking the promotion because I'm so happy with my current status quo that it's going to take a lot to change that. When I'm having a really crappy day at work, I go to the gym, and it feels good. It's my space, and my time, and I have the music on, and the people are good to me. I'm very happy there. 

What do you want to achieve in the future? 

I love my life at the moment and I’m just I'm so happy. It's just, this isn't changing. I'm not allowing it to change. You know? Partners have come and gone, and it's all been around weight and the way you look, and it's a really interesting way to be at the moment, at this size. So that's another whole thing I've got to deal with. But for me, this fitness and lifestyle that

I'm on, this is not just a fad. This is it now.