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Introducing KuboFit. The Next Generation Of Fitness Apps

We’re always looking at ways we can help make your life a little easier, and whether it’s our childminding facilities, virtual classes or 24.7 access, we’ve got your back! So get set for KuboFit - the next generation of fitness apps that’s been designed to integrate with your Goodlife membership!

Say goodbye to the Goodlife App and hello to KuboFit! So what can KuboFit do? KuboFit puts all the Goodlife clubs in the country at your fingertips. It not only allows you to favourite your local club, it also lets you find your nearest club so you can still workout even if you’re in a different city.

Search your favourite classes

From Body Combat to Everybody Dance Now, we all have our favourite classes. KuboFit makes it easy to search for them and even recommends classes you might like. Schedule classes in your KuboFit calendar and get reminders

Never miss a class again

Once you’ve locked a class into your calendar, the app will send you a reminder before the class starts. It’ll even suggest when you need to leave and what gear you need to take, like runners, a towel and a bottle of water.

Set goals and track your activity

We all need goals, right? KuboFit lets you set, store and review activity goals such as the number of classes you attend in a week, how many steps you take in a month, how long you spend working out on average and much, much more. If you haven’t switched to it already, give the KuboFit app a try. It will help keep you on track and in the zone.


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