Arena Fitness Classes

Burn up to 800 calories in one 45 minute class in our 100% coach-led HIIT, functional, and boxing training classes. They've been designed to burn fat, build strength, and improve fitness in a highly motivating team-training environment.

All classes are run by an experienced functional training coach and are also aided with the support of large demonstrational screens to keep you on track every step of the way.

Boxing Burn

Get out your gloves and wraps for this 45 minute boxing inspired HIIT workout.

Casino Royale

Complete cardio, strength and functional rounds of varying lengths and watch out for the Jackpot rounds!

Ninja Run

Complete Ninja Runs alternates between strength and conditioning rounds. Work on your Ninja skills of core, strength, balance, plyometric and agility.

The Drop

Make it through multiple intense drop sets rounds to face your partner in the FINAL COUNTDOWN.


Complete Rep Challenges to make it through the Labyrinth of functional, strength and cardio stations.

Switch Kick

Switch between strength and cardio stations and Combo Rounds. You will get a complete upper and lower body workout with Switch Kick as well as learning simple combos.


Complete 20 rounds and 10 GAUNTLET rounds in a punishing circuit. Count your reps and work your way up the leader board.

Tap Out

Team up for this feel good, high intensity all out blast. Leave nothing in the tank in this session by focusing less on the skill development and more on maximum volume and effort.


Complete a challenging session of functional, cardio and strength training before getting ‘tapped out’ by the coach and put through your paces with a full upper and lower body workout. This workout fuses the best of Tap Out and Boxing Burn into the ultimate MMA and boxing-inspired session. Please book your class in advance.


This workout is a mix of strength work and simple boxing combos at random times throughout the strength rounds. Watch out for the 30 second Checkmate rounds; designed to drive the heart rate up of the boxer and the pad holder.

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