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5 ways committing to your fitness will make you Good For Life

We all know the countless benefits regular exercise has on our physical health, but did you know that a fitness routine will help you gain a whole lot more than just muscles? Here are 5 ways committing to your fitness will make you Good for Life. 

1. You’ll be able to keep up with those around you

Whether it’s your kids, your pets or an active job that keeps you running in circles all day, committing to regular workouts will give you more energy that you can put back into your friends, family and fur babies.

2. You’ll feel less stressed

Many studies have shown that exercise is a great stress reliever. While we all have varying levels of stress in our lives, the mental clarity that comes from regular exercise will see you tackle everything from your work to your personal relationships in a calmer and kinder way.

3. You’ll have a better work/life balance

Ahh that elusive work/life balance people speak of. Well it does actually exist, and scheduling workouts in your diary the way you would a meeting is a good place to start to hold you accountable. Whether it’s leaving work on time so you can make a group fitness class, or getting up an hour earlier to take a calming yoga class before the day starts, this seemingly small act is actually a big step when it comes to carving out balance.

4. You’ll be more resilient

We all know that fitness boosts physical resilience, but it also builds mental resilience too. A lot of us set goals (i.e. fat loss or a new pb) and along the way we’ll encounter hurdles and setbacks, but the commitment to that fitness goal sees us bounce back, pivot and keep moving forward. This is an invaluable life skill to have that is transferable to so many different areas of your life.

5. You’ll have greater self-love 

Have you ever run a little bit further than you thought you could? Or added an extra plate to the barbell during a Body Pump class? Nothing beats that overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment! Committing to your fitness really does make you appreciate not only how much your body can do, but also what a magnificent vessel it truly is. 

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